About us

About Us

Here at Vedasante, we have over twenty-five years’ experience working within mental health and training sectors. As a result, we have clinically dealt with various mental illness, and we have also seen the impact of stress and burnout in the corporate world. We are advocates of preventing emotional and mental ill health issues developing into serious long term mental illness.


    One in four people experience poor mental health in the UK, so the reality is we all know someone who has suffered. It could be you, a family member, a friend, or a colleague. While poor mental health may be largely invisible, the consequences are not. We are true advocates of mental illness prevention to build emotional resilience and holistic self-care.

    With a combination of both professional and lived personal experience of mental health we bring a unique combination; we have empathy and insight to drive real change.

    Whether through courses, coaching, or consultations, we are committed to making mental health a priority both in and outside the workplace. Vedasante are accredited providers of Mental Health First Aid training based in Oxford and across the UK.

    We also offer a range of online, workshops and classroom-based wellbeing courses, specifically designed to provide you and your employees the tools to become more resilient and overcome daily challenges we face in life and at work. We can also help you create your own Workplace Wellbeing Strategy.

    Vedasante will work with you to identify your organisation’s current strengths, weaknesses and opportunities when it comes to wellbeing and introduce natural wellbeing coaching programmes. We work with a team of Accredited Trainers who have either work experience in mental health or have lived experience of mental making our courses engaging and unique.

    Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about our courses and services on 01235 884711 or email hello@vedasantehealth.com

    Meet the Founder

    Vimla Chendriah

    Vimla Chendriah is the Founder and an Ex Registered Mental Health Nurse for the NHS, with a unique blend of health and corporate careers. With experience working in psychiatry, Vimla has worked with people from all ages and backgrounds and has a deep understanding of mental health and best practice for supporting people in distress or suffering from stress. After a successful career in the corporate world Vimla has witnessed and experienced stress at work in addition to unexpected life events, she then retrained in Ayurveda (natural health system). Consequently, she brings a unique combination of professional expertise, lived experience, and knowledge of natural wellness for self-care to her courses, workshops, coaching, and consultations. She has extensive experience in delivering large-scale training sessions in various sectors such as Health, Local Authority, Education, Real Estate and various other sectors. She understands the challenges facing business leaders, who need to maximise productivity and staff retention, whilst fulfilling their duty of care to employees, and can help them navigate these requirements.