Finding your outlet

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January 2, 2021
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Finding your outlet

Now is the time to find your outlet – whether it’s getting a pet, taking up a new hobby, or making time to do something you enjoy, 2021 is the year to prioritise fulfilment and pleasure. If 2020 emphasised anything, it’s that we can’t control our external environment, we can only exert control over ourselves. While a lot of people rushed to take up new hobbies in the first lockdown, this isn’t about a tokenistic effort to learn a new skill. This isn’t about picking up something to talk about with others, this is something purely for you and your own wellbeing.

It can be as simple as taking an hour every evening to cook or bake, or as complicated as planning a 3 month trip and learning a language. It’s important to find an outlet that provides you with immediate relief, something that if you’re feeling overwhelmed, you can resort to for relaxation. It’s also important to consider what will bring you fulfilment in the long run; if you hate your job and you’re working remotely, put the time you’ve saved commuting into re-training for the career you’ve always wanted.

Below are 6 ideas to help get you started:

  • Volunteer – obviously with the pandemic your options are a little more limited, but charities like Samaritans and Age UK need volunteers to help run their free telephone service.
  • Yoga – the great thing about yoga is that it is accessible for all, it doesn’t matter how old or unfit you are. There are also so many types there’s something for everyone. If you want something relaxing and gentle, try Yin Yang Yoga, if you want a more intense, fast-paced practice, try Power Yoga.
  • Travel – ok you can’t currently travel, but you can plan that dream trip you’ve been daydreaming about for 5 years. Whether it’s exploring the Azores, trekking the Inca Trail or sampling the best beaches in Bali, now is the time to research and map out your trip. Give yourself something to look forward to, and if you’re so inclined, learn a language as part of your travel planning.
  • Learn – whether it’s retraining for a career change, learning a new skill to help you transition to freelance or progress within your current career, or learning a new skill purely for pleasure, progression is vital for fulfilment. No one likes to feel like they’re stagnant, but that is how a lot of us feel during the pandemic, it feels like life is on pause.
  • Adopt – do something good and fulfil your long-term wish for a pet. While a lot of people rushed to buy pets during the first lockdown, often too hastily leading to a slew of rehoming, if you’ve always wanted a pet and circumstances permit, now is an opportune time to do it. Not only will adopting a pet give your days added structure, they are also highly therapeutic. Copious amounts of research is key to finding a pet that’s a good fit, and if in doubt, make sure you seek advice from an animal charity or rescue.
  • Redecorate – again, if you’ve been meaning to redecorate, but find yourself procrastinating due to conflicting commitments, now is the time to get it done. The great thing about redecorating is that it can be as extensive or minimal as you want and can largely be done independently. It’s particularly timely if you’re working from home and you could use some more delineation between ‘work’ and ‘home’. If you’re really struggling for space, but need to section off an area for work, consider wooden dividers, book shelves and storage units to form a boundary. Another alternative is to repurpose closet and cupboard space, turning it into a work station, or to invest in a home office armoire desk.

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