Meet Our Oxford Mental Health Experts

Nurturing your mental health through learning new skills and hobbies
February 11, 2021
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Meet Our Oxford Mental Health Experts

Mental health awareness is crucial in both your professional and personal lives. 

Mental health training should be a part of everyday life as an employer, someone who supports others, or those who want to become better equipped at supporting people with their mental health. 

Welcome to VedaSante Health

We are passionate about providing outstanding, comprehensive mental health training courses in Oxford. We have spent years as professional mental health experts in the NHS who have helped people understand themselves and others better.

We are proud of our commitment to comprehensive and valuable mental health support in Oxford and across the country. 

Who Are We?

We’re a group of highly trained health care professionals who are passionate about improving mental health support in the UK, and who specialise in offering comprehensive mental health training courses in Oxford.

We believe that the stigma around mental illness needs to be challenged. There are so many preconceptions about mental illness across the UK, and it’s our priority to dismantle them.

Our Mission for Better Mental Health Across Oxford

It’s part of our mission as mental health experts to provide the training and resources to enable people across Oxford to develop their skills and gain a deeper understanding of important factors that help you to support others. 

You’ll learn about the factors that can affect mental health, warning signs of declining mental health, and how to support people towards mental health recovery.

What Skills Do I Need to Support Someone with Mental Health Problems?

  1. Understanding of common mental health problems
  2. The ability to identify poor mental health 
  3. A strong ability to listen and communicate without judgement 
  4. How to manage your own mental wellbeing
  5. How to support someone who may be struggling with their mental health
  6. How to use the right language with someone who may be suicidal

Mental Illness Support at Work

If you are an employer, it’s part of your responsibility to ensure that your staff are always supported. This doesn’t just mean physical health. 

Everyone at work should be equipped with the skills they need to help colleagues who may be suffering from a mental illness.

When you have a good support system in your business, productivity improves. Good morale is an important factor in creating a positive working environment. When staff feel supported at work, employees become more committed to their jobs, making them even more valuable to you. 

Start Your Journey to Better Mental Health Support

To develop your business skills in mental health support and gain your and your employees’ Mental Health qualifications, book your Accredited Mental Health Training with Veda Sante Health. 

We’ll be posting regular blogs with important information and resources to enable you to develop your skill and knowledge and support others around you.

Our tailored mental health courses focus on awareness and skills development, helping you to nurture a healthier, better supported, community-driven work environment.

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