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Whatever your background, whatever your needs, we aim to provide quality and uncomplicated health and wellness services to businesses and individuals alike. Our role is to create a blueprint for mental health and wellbeing, whether on an individual or mass scale. We deliver accredited mental health courses, helping businesses to avoid the pitfalls of poor mental health, alongside providing traditional wellbeing techniques, extracting the best parts of each to meet a variety of needs. We are committed to helping people achieve their goals and aspirations, whilst maintaining balance in the rest of their life.

Whether you are interested from a personal or professional perspective, we cater for corporate clients and individuals, offering everything from short courses to bespoke packages. Our goal is the same for all clients: to give you the skills and knowledge you need, in order to optimise your life or business for success. The only variation is in how we achieve this, which depends on individual preference. We appreciate that everyone is different, which is why our mental health and wellbeing services can be tailored to meet your individual needs.

We deal with a lot of corporate clients, who know very little about mental health, but need to fulfil a duty of care as an employer or manager, as well as individuals who are very invested in their wellbeing, but need a helping hand.


Our Clients

Our Values


We aim to build our business on a foundation of honesty and integrity, to create long-lasting, trusting relationships with our clients, partners, consultants, and stakeholders.


We care for our clients, ensuring they feel safe and supported in sharing personal experiences, during training and consultations. We are committed to quality and uphold the importance of: safety, confidentiality, integrity, accountability, and communication.


We value each person, respecting their individual aspirations and commitments, whilst seeking to understand their needs, abilities and limits. We respect human rights and privacy, eliminating all forms of discrimination.


We believe in 'good karma' and giving back is part of our culture, through charitable donations or volunteering. We offer free training places to less fortunate people, who are in urgent need.

  • "I was very impressed with the overall experience. My first online course so started out a little shaky, I had everything organised but was a little unsure of terminology, once I realised, it actually was very  obvious. All delivered in a friendly and informative manner. Thank you."
  • “This course was very informative and has given me the tools to support the well-being of others in my medical career and otherwise”.
  • "Very well structured and informative course. I feel have gained very useful knowledge on how to assist someone experiencing mental health issues. "Thank you for the efforts you put in making something very serious not just attainable but somewhat enjoyable or as enjoyable as a course with this subject matter can be"
  • "I felt the course was quite intense on the first day, but I realise the reasons behind getting these subjects covered first. The course content was really interesting and is one of the few courses I've actually engaged with 99% of the time!. Really liked the whiteboard function. Overall, I feel any slight stigma which was in my mind previously has been lifted :)"
  • "The course was extremely informative and well delivered, we had a really good group. Our trainer Vimla was fantastic and really knowledgeable, I really enjoy the MHFA courses, they are fantastic".
  • "Well planned and executed , Vimla was most helpful and educational ! I’ve already recommended this course to others"
  • "I participated to the 2 Days online “Mental Health First Aid”, to educate myself and learn the basis of first aid to better assist people around me suffering from early signs of burnout, depressions and all sorts of mental discomfort or crisis. The course was very interactive, very professional and well balanced during these 2 days. I highly recommend VedaSante for the course."
  • "This course has been extremely insightful and has exposed me to areas which I was not aware, giving me the confidence to fully support not just colleagues, but others too. The depth of information has very much given me a broader understanding of some of the symptoms which can identify a person's trait and may cause reason for any unusual behaviour."
  • "Excellent course! Was helpful to break off into smaller groups for the tasks. It enabled good conversation and feedback. Great content too. Would highly recommend". "My subject knowledge, use of appropriate language and understanding of mental health issues is greatly enhanced and I have already put some strategies into practice. The handbook is a very supportive document and a great reference point". "Informative, inclusive & welcoming, great links for more information, one of the best/most helpful courses I have ever attended".
  • "With starting this course with zero knowledge on how to approach and understand someone's mental health, I would have never thought it possible that I could learn so much in two days! The two days flew by so quickly and covered so much! ALGEE is certainly in my head now and knowing how to use it is great."
  • Rosaleen Bloombury, Yoga Instructor & Life Purpose Decoder, London
    “Vimla's Veda Santé event was really nicely done with everything considered including the venue. The event was highly informative with an intimate atmosphere, I look forward to the next one”
    Rosaleen Bloombury, Yoga Instructor & Life Purpose Decoder, London
  • Nina Fjeldhaug, Certified High-Performance/ Leader Coach
    "Vimla is that rare combination of having excellent knowledge, insight and wisdom, delivering it with heart and passion. She is a beautiful person inside out, really great at teaching and empowering you. She will touch your life and help you see how wellness is natural and achievable, she shines her light on your most valuable asset - your health and wellness. Also what is very interesting and relevant is that she is coming from a business background, she has learned first hand that health is the first wealth. Hope we move into a new decade where this will be fully embraced."
    Nina Fjeldhaug, Certified High-Performance/ Leader Coach
  • Rob Mazure, Naturopath London
    “I loved Vimla's last event and learning about the Ayurvedic Body Constitutions and Personalities. The crowd were really engaged and the workshop was fun and friendly! Looking forward to the next event!”
    Rob Mazure, Naturopath London
  • Clare Hepburn L.C.S.P (Phys), Berkshire Body and Mind
    "Thank you for such an interesting and informative Mental Health First Aid workshop. Initially I thought this was run specifically for the workplace but it is invaluable in every aspect of life. I’m self-employed, volunteer and have experienced mental health through family and friends and the course was applicable to every sector.   It explains different types of mental health one may come into contact with, but most importantly a simple easy to remember acronym you can apply to all situations. The course has given me the confidence to approach an individual and know what to say and do. The course is a combination of individual learning followed by tutor lead sessions, included in these are case studies which allow you to apply the learning.   As a tutor Vimla has been very supportive. Joining instructions were clear and simple and reassurance of how the course is run was forthcoming. During the course it is possible to trigger personal emotions and Vimla was very supportive and empathetic to the needs of everyone.   I think this course is as essential as physical first aid. A skill sadly you will certainly use where poor mental health affects all of us at some time in our lives"
    Clare Hepburn L.C.S.P (Phys), Berkshire Body and Mind
  • "I feel like it gave really good skills and information on how to approach someone experiencing poor mental health in a range of circumstances both in and out of work. And also increased my awareness of the range of mental health disorders there are and the effects of them. I feel more confident and like I could do the right thing using ALGEE to help someone. You both made it a very safe space to talk and share experiences, Thank you."
  • Rebecca Harrhy
    "Thank you so much Vimla - this course has been so informative and has equipped us with invaluable communication skills to use both in the workplace and outside. I personally felt quite apprehensive prior to the course about how it would be as this is such an emotive subject, but quickly felt comfortable with you both and the rest of the group. I am really interested to keep learning and research further to develop my skills. Thanks again",
    Rebecca Harrhy
    Milton Park Innovation Centre, Abingdon, Oxfordshire
  • "It was superb. Bonita & Vimla really complement each other, with their knowledge & personal experiences. Also made me feel comfortable and not alone with my own personal circumstances. I will certainly continue my learning. And looking into different help measures that are out there, for myself & my family. Can’t thank you enough!"
  • "The course was very valuable given the current times we live in as well as situations thrown at us such as additional worries and pressures such as the COVID outbreak. The course was well structured and lead, excellent guidance and knowledge given by the tutors and pace set was ideal for quality of learning. I would highly recommend this course to others and I came away from the course feeling more confident in the knowledge and understanding that I feel stronger to help someone now should they require support. Thank you"

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A Guide to Positive Mental Health

Our emotional health not only affects our physical health, but it dictates our psychological well-being, social awareness, and other crucial factors in our life. You may or may not be receiving professional help but there are many things you can embed in your life to create harmony, build emotional resilience to bring focus and happiness.

Our Oxford-based team encourage you to keep a daily journal to write your goals, feelings, emotions, and gratitude. Planning something that makes you happy boosts your serotonin level which can have long-term benefits. Spending time with loved ones reduces stress and is crucial to maintain a healthy emotional state. Spending time in nature is crucial for our wellbeing, eating a healthy diet and taking regular breaks from technology gives our brain a rest from being constantly stimulated by information and images that can overwhelm our thought processes. 

Most people don’t understand mental health issues, ranging from depression, eating disorders, and other distinct types of anxiety or self-harm. Sometimes events such as weddings, having a baby, getting a promotion, moving house which can be exciting for most sadly can be triggers for psychological health issues for others. These disorders can affect anyone, dependent on our vulnerability and our stress containers.

Educating yourself about early signs of stress and mental health issues by enrolling on a half-day mental health awareness course in Oxford, a one-day or a 2-day Mental Health First Aid course is a great start. See our range of public courses, we can also design a specific course for your organisation.